14 January 2018

New Year and a new resolution – write more blog posts.

Visited the hive today; first time since mid November. Purpose of the visit was to check varroa counts and also give the girls some fondant feed.

Initially the hive was very quiet and no visible activity, even when I took the roof off. No sign of any bees whatsoever. Put the fondant in and put the roof back on. Listened again and could then pick up some activity. Good news, they’re not all dead and hopefully the queen is still at her business, albeit slower than the summer.

Varroa count was about 20, which is a little high for the time of year. May have to treat early in the season.

Always something to learn when I visit my hive and today was no different. The hive entrance I have at the moment is very small as it was a new colony last year and I wanted to make sure it didn’t get robbed by wasps or other bees. But I should have changed it to a wider entrance when I put the mouse guard on. This will make it easier for them to get rid of the dead bees out of the front door.

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