27 July 2017

Well, four weeks has passed since my last post – where has that time gone.

Everything in the hive is going great guns. Queenie is laying really well and the number of bees is increasing nicely. There's about 5 full frames of brood at all stages together with all the nurse bees and flying bees. Probably got 4 or 5 frames with significant amounts of stores and a bit of space to expand into. Bit disappointed that I haven't seen her Ladyship for several weeks, but I know she's there because of all the new eggs present.

Next steps are that I've added an extra brood box with 11 new frames of foundation and a large feeder. The plan is that the food I'm adding will encourage the workers to draw out the foundation to make new comb. This in turn will give Queenie a lot more space to lay eggs and build up a nice strong colony which will go over the winter in good condition. The downside is that I'm unlikely to get any honey this year as I want them to concentrate on producing bees. The upside is that next year I should have a nice strong colony that I can split in two and have even more bees and get some honey.

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