June 12 2017

Wow, where has the last month gone since my previous post. So much has happened. 

A week after I received the queen there didn’t seem to be much going on in the hive. But that was ok as it takes a while for Queenie to put herself out there and get mated! 

The following week still no evidence of any activity. We couldn’t find Queenie and there was no evidence of any new eggs or larvae. Has she gone out and mated but not come back. I guess it can happen – she could have been predated or just gone back  to a different hive. But because I belong to a local society we put a frame of eggs and larvae from another hive into my nucleus to see what would happen. If there was no queen the workers would, I’m reliably informed, make one of the eggs into a queen cell. If Queenie was there they wouldn’t bother. So it was a waiting game – again.

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