19 June 2017

So, was Queenie all present and correct or did I have to wait again for a queen cell to hatch? The suspense was killing me.

Inspection of the first couple of frames wasn’t looking promising. No sign of any activity. But that’s ok, because if she was there she’d probably start toward the middle – right?

Right. Third frame in (out of six) and there was our evidence – new eggs and not on the frame we put in last week. Queenie was there and doing what she does best; laying eggs. Although we tried to find her on the rest of the frames we didn’t spot her. Never mind, she  was there.That was all that mattered at that moment.

One week later and there are a good number of eggs, larvae and capped cells. The time had come to get everything into my hive and give her the space she’d need.

Plan for next week? Give her another brood box full of frames and give the colony some food to give them a boost for wax production and get them drawing out the new comb.

I have to say that this is all very exciting. Seeing eggs and larvae in your own hive and knowing what can come from it is what it’s all about. I started this new ‘hobby’ with three aims:

1. Boost the bee population (in a small but important way) and produce pollinators to help local agriculture and flora.

2. Build up a colony so I can get some honey  and know, more or less, where it came from.

3. Get some wax to make into other products like candlesb or wood polish.

Can’t wait for next week to see how she’s doing.

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